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Damn Good Ribs

This is our current favourite recipe for slow cooked ribs. Make them extra juicy with our Anything Goes Rub and our Smoky Sweet sauce.



Wood chips (our preference is hickory)

Beer (your preference, we like James Squire 150 lashes pale ale)

2kg of pork ribs

Damn Good Anything Goes Rub

Damn Good Smoky Sweet Sauce

Baking paper



Soak wood chips in beer and water for 2-3 hours.

Wood chips

Bring ribs to room temperature.

Trim fat off the top side. Flip over to the bone side and remove the paper thin membrane. It comes off easily using a spoon to pry it up.

Ribs Membrane

Trim excess fat to your taste. Some like a lot of fat, some like to trim most of it off.

Grab a packet of our Anything Goes dry rub. Cover the ribs with the rub. Pat down into the meat and avoid rubbing it in (contrary to the name - go figure!).

Ribs with rub

Leave covered on your bench or in the fridge for between 1-3 hours.

Set the temperature on your BBQ to between 110F - 235C.

Place pre-soaked wood chips on to the coals (we use the snake method).


Place ribs bone side down and cook for two hours. Resist checking on them and keep an eye on the temperature to make sure it stays consistent.


After the two hours, flip the ribs and spray them with a mist of beer. Cook for 1 hour with the flesh side down. 


After the hour take the ribs off the BBQ and loosely wrap in baking paper. Put them back on the BBQ and cook for 1/2 hour to 1 hour. Unwrap and then cook them for another 1/2 - 3/4 hour, turning once. 


Rest the ribs if desired. 

Grab a bottle of our Smoky Sweet sauce to dip the ribs into and enjoy!


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